Jessica Elisa Massetti

cattaro _ copia

Now: Research fellow (rtdA), dept. of Mathematics and Physics, Università Roma Tre

Before: Post-doctoral researcher at the Centro de Giorgi, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa & Co-Organizer with P. Giulietti of the Dynamical Systems Seminars @ Centro de Giorgi.

Long before: in Roma Tre, post doc & Team member of the ERC project HamPDE

Long long before: ATER at Université Paris Dauphine and PhD student in the Astronomie et Système Dynamiques group, Observatoire de Paris

Research interests: normal forms, long time stability of solutions, invariant manifolds, quasi-periodic and almost-periodic flow in finite and infinite dimensional systems.

Here the group of dynamical systems for catching up in Roma Tre!